Steel bookcase

The bookcase is made of sheet 2 mm thick metal shaped into “L” profiles. The dimensions of the elements are designed in golden ratio (1:1,68) to create random cell structure, as it occurs in nature. The widths and heights of the profiles are following: 8 cm, 13 cm, 21 cm, 34 cm. It is the sequence of Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89…) which appears both in biological and anhtropological settings.

These dimensions were chosen because they are the most appropriate for storing various books. For example, two thinner elements (8 cm and 13 cm) sumgives 21 cm, what is the width of the widest element. The same rule is applied on the heights of the elements (13 cm plus 21 cm gives 34 cm).

The whole structure is based on the columns of 210 mm wide. Each element is welded to others to make sure that the construction will be subtle and stiff enough. The system could be applied on any shape and dimensions of any wall. By using scripting method you could generate numerous variations of the strucure to choose the one you like the most.


Realization: 2014

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Steel bookcase