Czech house

House in a secluded forest
The house is designed upon a only feeling – how the Czech house would look like. All elements and principles are taken from my memories of the places where I grew up and which I visited. It’s a personal confession of architectural design. I take inspiration from history of folk architecture and handicraft production in Bohemia. This caused that I designed the house backwards, I first invented material, furniture, house construction and to the end the form and content.
Wood (oak, beech, spruce) – trees that grow in this area since time immemorial. Czech slate. Steel.
Curvature – was naturally made due to manual production in those times . This natural imperfection is beautiful. Nowadays there is machine production everywhere and I wanted to insert some imperfections into the project by force. A slight curvature of the house disrupts all the right angles and forcing residents to think about each place – is no longer enough to go into shop for modular furniture.
Rudeness – the house is protected from external influences like shellfish uses shell . The northeast side is the “neglected” and overgrown with lichen. To the south and west it opens and takes the energy from the sun.
House is divided into three parts. The first most important is “sitting room” with a majestic ceiling and views of the valley. This room is inspired by the castle halls and contains the kitchen, dining and living area. Under the floor is a cellar, which is great for this remote place as a reservoir of food and spirits for the whole year. Dormitory and another rest rooms are deparated by two stairs, which psychologically tells its important place. This place has a bedroom, a bathroom and a hallway with a library. The third unit is the head of the house and is designed to work. Situated on the ground. This large space is changing with the growth of the family. In case the new member is there, one can divide and change its contents. As addition there are house stairs that run on the roof upto the ridge. This place is based on the nature of the Czechs, who have lookout towers everywhere in landscape.
Fire and cross. Because I have this house located in a place where I used to go in my childhood to make a fire and watch the landscape – I decided to add these two things in the house. I put the fire to the facade to make a sign at night. During the day, the silhouette of the house mainly characterizes the cross, which is part of the lookout on the roof.
Wooden sandwich construction.


Concept study: 2015

Author: Adam Cigler

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