Lighting NEO

The concept of a project is based on postmodern attitude towards contemporary sustainable design. Light lampshades are made of recycled wifi antenna´s PCBs, which is reasonable of their great heat resistance, high strength and appropriate translucency. The copper pattern on PCB is a technological design and it is a ready-made. Its shape depends on the frequency the anenna works on and the antenna´s producer. There is no limits in designing different types of lampshades because of hundreds of existing pattern designs.

The production of the lapshade from PCBs is an innovative and multidisciplinary process. It includes research in antenna´s technology, design, collecting the waste material, cutting the PCBs into a right shape, bending and gluing them together. Once the unique PCBs are assembled together, unexpected and functional artifact is born.

The set of “Neokubista”, “Neorondokubista”  and „Neobrutalista“ lightings resembles art styles as art nouveau, Czech cubism or rondocubism (architecture style unique for Bohemia). The shapes of the copper patterns were chosen to create the range of three basic shapes: triagle, circle and square. The lampshades are handcrafted.


Photography: Dan Friedlaender

Design: 2011

Lilia BLACKout
field of movement message in a bottle
Jewellery stand
Table for a flower
Becherovka cone
Grey cliff
Reconstruction of the children’s rooms
Blue iceberg
Lighting NEO
Interior design on Úvoz street
Serving boards Landscape
Steel bookcase