Playbag showroom

Czech brand Playbag creates bags and backpacks from leather and textile, characteristic for its  clean design and quality craftsmanship. Showroom Playbag should has to show how and where the products are produced, but should not be overcharged exhibited products. Therefore, the selected natural materials such as wood, carpet, cloth, ropes, should have a warm effect on a visitor.

The main idea is the backpacks and bags “levitating” in the space, respectively hanging on the hooks on the ropes. Rope system is anchored in the floor and ceiling with the hooks and eyes.

The dominant feature of the project is the floor – the existing carpet will be swept up and the wood blocks 10×10 cm will be stack in sand bed.

Another important feature of the proposal is the light and vague logo PLAYBAG that shines through hanging canvas and creates mystical atmosphere. Canvas also separates the main area from the kitchen and toilet.

An important part of the interior is a counter and a bench. Below the bench there are storage spaces. The bench serve both sitting and presentation of the accessories Playbag. The bench will be made of plank of rustic oak wood, and there will be logo Playbag created by marquetry.There are tall mirrors placed at the entrance on the opposite walls to create the feeling of infinity and allow customers to view products from all sides.


Concept study: 2014

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