The winning project of the competition Signal calling 2019 “Reflection” captivated the jury by its depth and thoughtfulness. The object consists of moving mirrors that reflect and transform the surrounding world. The viewer who approaches the enlightened stage becomes part of the work of art. Its reflection in the mirrors is gradually transformed, fragmented and put into unexpected new contexts. This creates a sci-fi object that absorbs and shapes the visitor according to his own script. Not only aesthetically impressive work of art is created, but also space for reflection. Reflection of images symbolizes reflection of the past. The fluidly waving surface of mirrors crushes a group of curious viewers into individual pixels. One becomes the image of the other. The environment absorbs and connects us all. Are we just a fragment of society that does not fit anywhere and is not anchored?


Or are we part of something bigger, by a cluster of pixels that organically rearrange according to how they are manipulated by external incomprehensible influences? The installation symbolizes the bridge between the individual and society. However, their relationship is by far the most important. Reflection of the present, future and historical. The revision of the past consists mainly in the revision of each of us.


The installation consists of a cluster of 91 mirrors, which are controlled by servo motors and can tilt along vertical and horizontal axes. The movement is controlled by a computer with a prescribed scenario. The whole cluster is mounted on a temporary lightweight steel structure (e.g. scaffolding loaded with a concrete city block). The installation includes a theatrical spotlight that illuminates the scene in front of the cluster. It should give the impression of theatre mirrors in the dressing room where the actors do their make-up.


This installation was such a success that the following year it was shown at the Constellations de Metz festival in France. In 2021, under the new name Fluidum and with improved technology, it was presented in the Czech pavilion at the Expo in Dubai.


authors:                         Adam Cigler a Petr Vacek

technical support:       Průša LAB



Prague, Czech Republic / 2019

Mety, France / 2020

Dubai, Emirates / 2021



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