Carpenter´s table

Wood and wax. That´s all. Wood is a material that arises from the sunlight, air, water and soil. It gets shape and grows according to its surrounding in the landscape. The tree gets older. After one century since its planting the man comes and fells him. My responsibility is to take this beautiful material that has existed a lot of years to create something matching this long journey.

I suggest a table that counts with all the characteristics of wood and held together by inner forces. Table which holds out as long as it grows up. I want it to come into an environment, a family who will sit around him for   hundred years. The table will be a stable, silent support. It will radiate its experiences out and absorb what you experience with it.

The basic shape of the table is very simple. There are only four beams and board over them. The uniqueness and beauty are hidden in the details – proportions, joints, wood itself.

The fine geometry is based on the centuries -bearing tradition of craft skills joinery. Some of them were developed specially for this table to move the crafts a bit further. Construction of the table is an answear to the fact that wood is a living material. After felling it is twisting, shrinking and changing its shape due to humidity and other factors of surrounding. This table was designed based on this knowledge. The more wood twists, the  more table gets stable and solid. This is all done without any glue. Using this technology we pay tribute to the carpenters who build houses similar way.


Material: oak, Osmo

Price: 63 000 CZK

Roste brooch Au | 2500 CZK
Roste earrings Au1 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au2 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au3 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au4 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au5 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au6 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au7 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Ru | 1600 CZK
Ristretto cup | 500 CZK
Espresso cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Cup | 600 CZK
Cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Mug | 600 CZK
Creamer | 900 CZK
Teapot | 1800 CZK
Sugarbowl | 1000 CZK
Bowl | 800 CZK
Small bowl Lilia | 1100 CZK
Large bowl | 2100 CZK
Silver bowl | 3000 CZK
Soup plate | 750 CZK
Dinner plate | 800 CZK
Dessert plate | 700 CZK
Table Waves
Table Landscape
Carpenter´s table
Grey Cliff | 335 CZK
Blue Iceberg | 335 CZK