Table Landscape

My grandfather (Taras Kuščynskyj) grew up in the Ukraine, and from his narrative the design of this table was derived. He came from a poor family so that they could not afford any plates in his wooden house. So they have a table with gouged holes into which they served the meal. A few years ago I visited Ukraine and I there was really such a table. I was so excited about the design and method of eating so I decided to continue in this. I develop and adapt it to these days of abudance. The holes were transformed into a kind of landscape that allows to use it in a diverse way. In various valleys you can pour nuts, chips, raisins, olives or whatever you can think of. The white plateau are intended for placing glasses and cups.


Material: solid oak, osmo, white bio stain, steel base

Price 59000 CZK

Roste brooch Au | 2500 CZK
Roste earrings Au1 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au2 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au3 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au4 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au5 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au6 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au7 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Ru | 1600 CZK
Ristretto cup | 500 CZK
Espresso cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Cup | 600 CZK
Cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Mug | 600 CZK
Creamer | 900 CZK
Teapot | 1800 CZK
Sugarbowl | 1000 CZK
Bowl | 800 CZK
Small bowl Lilia | 1100 CZK
Large bowl | 2100 CZK
Silver bowl | 3000 CZK
Soup plate | 750 CZK
Dinner plate | 800 CZK
Dessert plate | 700 CZK
Table Waves
Table Landscape
Carpenter´s table
Grey Cliff | 335 CZK
Blue Iceberg | 335 CZK