Roste brooch Au | 2500 CZK
Roste earrings Au1 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au2 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Au3 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au4 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au5 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au6 | 2000 CZK
Roste earrings Au7 | 1800 CZK
Roste earrings Ru | 1600 CZK
Ristretto cup | 500 CZK
Espresso cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Cup | 600 CZK
Cup with saucer | 800 CZK
Mug | 600 CZK
Creamer | 900 CZK
Teapot | 1800 CZK
Sugarbowl | 1000 CZK
Bowl | 800 CZK
Small bowl Lilia | 1100 CZK
Large bowl | 2100 CZK
Silver bowl | 3000 CZK
Soup plate | 750 CZK
Dinner plate | 800 CZK
Dessert plate | 700 CZK
Table Waves
Table Landscape
Carpenter´s table
Grey Cliff | 335 CZK
Blue Iceberg | 335 CZK
Jewellery stand
Table for a flower
Becherovka cone
Reconstruction of the children’s rooms
Czech house
Lighting NEO
Interior design on Úvoz street
Playbag showroom
Serving boards Landscape
Steel bookcase
30 04 2018

The passage in the Czech National Bank building in Na Příkopech street was opened again to the public in 2017 and is now being used for the presentation of contemporary design, fashion and art through showcase installations as well as a pop-up store and workshops. We had the opportunity to present our work here for […]

02 12 2017

Geometric porcelain VJEMY starred in the student film Old / Young. Annotation: Humanity has ceased to grow. In an alternative version of the present, one has the possibility to stop his aging. A young face is more important than ever before. What sacrifices are people able to bring to remain part of a society that […]

29 07 2017

Forbidden taste is a gastronomic pop-up on unexpected locations and done with original service. The aim is to raise gastronomic culture in Prague and to bring new experiences to like-minded people. The pop-up where VJEMY lended coffee cups was held in the Ara Palace, a functionalist building from the 1930s in the center of Prague. […]