The VJEMY studio has prepared an exhibition entitled Silver for the WHITEBOX space. The exhibition takes its inspiration from the illustrious history of Kutná Hora that is closely associated with silver mining.
In a darkened room, snow-white porcelain bowls are arranged in symmetrical rows. Flickering light creates a jumble of reflections on the walls and contrasts with the strict geometry of the bowls. Two mirrors placed opposite each create the illusion of infinite space – a metaphor for the mine shaft. The mirrors, which tilt at regular intervals and thus change the perspective of this ‘infinity’, cause a sense of unease and tension. Similar feelings of anxiety and stress were experienced by miners working in the mine shafts, where many also perished.A limited edition of metal-plated salad bowls specially produced toaccompany the exhibition.


Location: Whitebox, GASK, Kutná Hora

Curator: Veronika Marešová

Duration: 5/6/2016-30/10/2016

field of movement message in a bottle
Jewellery stand
Table for a flower
Becherovka cone
Grey cliff
Reconstruction of the children’s rooms
Blue iceberg
Lighting NEO
Interior design on Úvoz street
Serving boards Landscape
Steel bookcase